This article explains the steps for making the 'Assessment Hub' strip visible to your users in SnapHire.

Assessments are used in SnapHire via the 'Assessment Hub strip'. To start using assessments you will first need to add the 'Assessment Hub strip' to your buckets you want visibility in. 

  • You will need to be granted the permission “Can manage bucket views”. This permission will allow access to the Admin tab in SnapHire.

Manage Bucket Views

You can edit, copy or add a new bucket view specifically for a selected bucket and workflow.

To manage your bucket views:

  1. Go to the Admin tab and select the 'Manage bucket views' option.

  2. Check the 'Map' to see where the bucket view is used and on which workflows.
  3. Select the bucket view you want, and click 'Edit' to make changes.

  4. To add the 'Assessment Hub strip' to your bucket view, select 'Assessment Hub' from the Application System fields and drag and drop the field in the order you want and click 'Ok'.
  5. If you have created a new bucket view, you will need to complete the mapping for all applicable workflows and buckets.

Once completed, your users will be able to see the available assessments via the 'Assessment Hub strip' in either;

  1. The list view or

  2. The job seeker application details screen.

NB: Please note that if an assessment is added to a bucket where the 'Assessment Hub strip' is not visible, it will need to be requested via an administrator.

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