This article explains the steps required to setup and manage API phases within SnapHire. API phases are used by apps you install and allow the app to retrieve data about applications in certain phases of the recruitment process.

Before you Begin

You will need to be granted two permissions:

  • 'Can manage API phase setup'
  • 'Can manage API phase views' 

These permissions will allow access to the Admin tab in SnapHire.

TIP: A bucket can only be in one phase, if you add the bucket to another phase the selected bucket will be removed from the previous phase that they belonged to.

Manage API Phase Setup

Use the 'Manage API phase setup' page to add application statuses (buckets) to your selected phase. 

To manage your API phase setup:

  1. Go to the Admin tab and select the 'Manage API phase setup' option.

  2. Select the phase you want to setup, click on the corresponding link to the right to add buckets to your phase.
  3. Select the bucket(s) from the left and then:
    • Click '>>' to add the bucket(s) to your phase. 
    • Click '<<' to remove the bucket(s) from your phase.

  4. Click 'Close'.

  5. Continue setting up all the API phases you require.

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