This article explains the steps for creating an 'Assessment Hub view' within SnapHire.

Each assessment app or assessment type may require specific information to be sent from SnapHire to be used successfully. If your selected app requires additional information from the default view you will need to create a specific Assessment Hub view for this app.

  • You will need to be granted the permission “Can manage Assessment Hub views”. This permission will allow access to the Admin tab in SnapHire.

You can edit, copy or add a new Assessment Hub view specifically for a selected assessment type.

To manage your Assessment Hub views:

  1. Go to the Admin tab and select the 'Manage Assessment Hub views' option.

  2. Select 'Add view' to add a new view.
  3. Select 'Edit' to make changes.
  4. Select 'Copy' to copy an existing view.
  5. Search or select the fields you want.

  6. Click 'Ok'.
  7. Apply your Assessment Hub view to each assessment type in the Assessment Hub 'Manage assessments' screen.

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