This article provides information about the 'Email' escalation option available in the Candidate Care app.  This article includes:

Global settings

In the 'Global settings' page of the Candidate Care app:

  1. Email can be selected as part of the escalation chain:

  2. When selected, a new field appears for you to provide the escalation email address to be used for all alerts (where email is included in the escalation process):

Alert settings

When 'Email' has been added as an escalation in the Global settings:

  1. The 'Email' value will appear as an option in the individual alert settings:

  2. It can be dragged into the Selected list if/when required:

  3. If/when a job meets the threshold which would trigger an escalation email to the 'Email' selection, the email address configured in the global settings for the app would have an alert sent to it.