This article provides information about the 'Category' escalation option available in the Candidate Care app.  This article includes:

Global settings

In the 'Global settings' page of the Candidate Care app:

  1. Category can be selected as part of the escalation chain:

  2. When selected, a drop-down box appears with any category (classification) options provided by the app/system Candidate Care is linked to:

  3. The escalation email will use the email address configured for the category value (relating to the specific job - refer below).

Alert settings

When 'Category' has been added as an escalation in the Global settings:

  1. The 'Category' value will appear as an option in the individual alert settings:

  2. It can be dragged into the Selected list if/when required:
  3. If/when a job meets the threshold which would trigger an escalation email to a 'Category' selection, the email address associated with the category value selected for the job is used.  For example:
    • In the Global Settings, the category escalation is set to use the category called 'Location".
    • Job 1234 has a category location value set to Auckland.
    • The email address associated with the Auckland category value location is auckland@aotal.com
    • When the job alert is triggered and escalation point is 'Category', the email alert is set to auckland@aotal.com.