This article provides information about the 'Country' field in the Total Apply form.  This field is not configurable in Total Apply.

Country field

The country field appears in the 'Your details' section of the form:

This field requires the candidate to select from a list of countries.  Once selected, the Country field can be changed, but cannot be set back to 'Select your country'.

Population of information

  • This field may be auto-populated from the Street address field.

  • If the candidate has an existing profile in the app/system Total Apply is linked to, if available, this field will pre-populated with their stored information.

  • If the candidate is new and creating a profile in the app/system Total Apply is linked to, or an existing candidate who has not yet provided Country information for any reason, the default country shown in the Total Apply form will be determined by the job seekers IP address.  If the IP address cannot be recognized it defaults to 'Select your country'.

Mandatory setting

When Total Apply is used, the country field is:

  • Not mandatory for the candidate to answer when registering (however they cannot remove an answer already provided - only change it).
  • Mandatory for the candidate to answer in order to submit an application.