This article provides information about the 'Account email' field in the Total Apply form.  This field is not configurable in Total Apply.

Account email field

This field reflects the email account associated with the candidate.  Please note that:

  • Total Apply picks up the email address from the Account profile the candidate has chosen to use with Total Apply:

  • This field is not editable by the job seeker - the only option available to them is to sign out and sign in with another account.
  • If the job seeker clicks the sign out link, they will be taken back to the identity selection panel to choose a new method for signing in.  Please note that if they choose the same identity provider as they were previously signed in with, they will not have an opportunity to provide different credentials (as their session is still signed into the identity provider).  To do this they would need to both choose Sign out of Total Apply, as well as go to the identity providers site (e.g. www.google.com) and sign out of the identity provider as well.
  • This field is mandatory when completing an Total Apply form, but it is not indicated with a red asterisk like other mandatory fields (this is because the candidate cannot make it blank).

Registration only

When registering only (i.e. not submitting an application at the same time):

  1. This is the only field that displays by default in the 'Your details' section of the form.
  2. Under the field is a link 'Tell us more about yourself':

  3. If the candidate clicks on the 'Tell us more about yourself' link, the rest of the 'Your details' fields are displayed.  
  4. When all of the 'Your details' fields are displayed, a 'Complete questions later' link appears at the bottom of the section.  If the candidate clicks on this link, the fields are hidden again.

TIP:  When applying for a job using the Total Apply form, the 'Tell us more about yourself' and 'Complete questions later' links are not relevant, so are not displayed.