When submitting an application via LinkedIn Apply the candidate experience is very quick and simple.  This article describes the steps the candidate is taken through in order to submit an application using this app.

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Application form

When the candidate clicks on the 'Apply with LinkedIn' button:

  1. They are not required to sign in (or sign up) to the app/system LinkedIn Apply is linked to.
  2. The LinkedIn profile access form will appear (this may look slightly different depending on the device/browser being used):
  3. Your tenant information is displayed (as indicated), and the candidate is required to provide their LinkedIn profile credentials before clicking the 'Allow access' button (or similar, the wording on the buttons may be slightly different depending on the device/browser being used).
  4. The Apply with LinkedIn form appears:  
  5. The form is comprised of:
    1. Banner: key details from the candidate's LinkedIn profile appear (this includes the profile photo, first name, last name, country, industry, and headline fields from LinkedIn).
    2. Job and Tenant information:  A statement about the job being applied for, and the name of the related tenant.
    3. Profile Summary:  The text from the candidate's LinkedIn profile appears.
    4. Contact Information:  There are three pieces of information this section, all of which are included in the CV which is generated by this application:
      1. Email:  The primary email address for the candidate (any other email addresses associated with the LinkedIn profile will not appear as part of the application).
      2. Phone:  If a phone number is available from their LinkedIn profile it will be displayed here and is editable (so they can update if required).  If there is no phone number available, the candidate can enter one here if desired.  Please note that any number updated or added here is not updated back to their LinkedIn profile.
      3. LinkedIn:  This is a URL to the candidates LinkedIn public profile.
    5. The form continues with information from LinkedIn - for example; Experience, Education and Skills.  The candidate can scroll and review the entire summary.
    6. At the bottom of the form is the terms and privacy statement which the candidate must agree to in order to submit their application. If the candidate clicks on any of the links, a new tab/window will open and the relevant information will be displayed. If your organisation has specified a customized policy for your app/system (in the tenant settings) it will be made available in addition to the Talent App Store terms and privacy policy.
  6. The candidate can click the 'CANCEL' button if required, or use the 'SUBMIT APPLICATION' button to complete the form.  When submitted a processing message will appear:
  7. And then they will be returned to the job advertisement.
  8. It is important to note that the candidate is still not signed into the app/system LinkedIn Apply is linked to, and that the 'Apply with LinkedIn' button will still appears as it was before they applied to the job.